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Best Mining GPUs

Our top picks for the best cryptocurrency mining GPUs to buy for overall hash rate, performance and price when building a GPU mining rig.

Mining Rig Build

Time to build a mining rig of your own? Follow our step-by-step 6 GPU Mining Rig Build guide. Based on past 6 GPU mining rig builds, this guide has a proven record.

8 GPU Mining Rig

Check out this 8 GPU Mining Rig build that does away with troublesome riser cards by using a purpose-built mining motherboard called the Octominer.

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2019 Mining Rig Build Conundrum

2019 Mining Rig Build Conundrum

If you’re thinking about mining cryptocurrency in 2019, figuring out how to do so isn’t the question. The question is how cryptocurrency will fare.

Mining Rig Builders Enjoy GPU Price Decline

Mining Rig Builders Enjoy GPU Price Decline

GPU price declines mean building cryptocurrency mining rig is far more viable. All popular AMD and Nvidia mining video card prices are at 12 month lows. Are you building?