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2018 was a bit brutal. Whether you cashed out on some of your cryptocurrency or not, you likely miss the days when you could mine just about anything for a healthy profit. Even in a home setup, it was nice to build a mining rig and be a part of the cryptocurrency community. But, mid 2018 things began to change.

At last, motherboard, CPU, RAM and even GPU prices started settling back down toward forgotten MSRP-like prices. And, never mind just the prices, mining rig components were in-stock. But, the reason for the return to normalcy was the falling value of the cryptocurrencies to be mined.

In the second half of 2018 you didn’t hear any stories about chartered 747s heading to China to bring back video cards in bulk. You also didn’t hear anyone mocking Jamie Dimon. But, let’s move into the current conundrum: 2019.

Have GPU mining rigs? What are your options?

If you’ve stuck with it and your equipment is decent, you can probably eek out a small profit. But, is that small profit worth it? With Nvidia releasing it’s new cards (which don’t do much for mining) if the bottom falls all the way out, 10-series Nvidia cards won’t be worth much.

If you’re already in, everything is very much situation dependent. When did you get in? How much did you mine? Did you sell any? Are you at break-even, better or worse?

On the sidelines and thinking of jumping in

But now, it’s 2019. If you don’t have mining rigs warming your home, garage, office or warehouse, but are thinking about jumping in, do so as if it were a small, very risky business. With mining rig components at somewhat reasonable prices, you could put tougher a mining rig far cheaper than you could in 2018 (or 2017 for that matter).

What components to buy and how to get started is no longer the question. The question is, will you make your money back. What’s your take? Let us know in the comments below!


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