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There are plenty of people in the Bitcoin ecosystem that have made massive contributions to the cryptocurrency. One of our favorite Bitcoin supporters is Andreas Antonopoulos. If you haven’t heard of him before, we strongly suggest you watch this, or one of his many other videos. Andreas has been a tireless Bitcoin advocate, explaining it on many levels, but most importantly, in terms that anyone can hear and understand why he and so many see it as something far more powerful than a speculative investment.

Andreas Antonopoulos: Introduction to the Internet of Money

There are many, many more videos where Antonopoulos explains various aspects of not only Bitcoin, but other cryptocurrencies. He’s addressed Bitcoin Meet-ups, several governments and too many conference attendees to speak of.

Supporting Andreas Antonopoulos

If you enjoy his video, you can support him by purchasing one of his books or by letting him know he’s appreciated on social media. Support Andreas through the options available on his site.

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