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The focus here at GPU0 is on mining. We do provide insights about topics that miners or those considering mining may have interest in, too. But, if there’s one thing we don’t focus much on it’s educating the public about cryptocurrency. It’s not our focus, and that’s okay. Especially when there’s others who dedicate themselves to just that.

Cryptocurrency beginner to crypto-fluent

There’s a lot of information flying around out there. Some of it is from major news and media sources, some from economists and even more from pop-culture focused outlets. For the unordained, they provide more of a keyhole view into a specific topic. For those who are trying to educate themselves about cryptocurrency the real need is for a comprehensive view.

Here comes our plug for CryptoStache.  CryptoStache is a website by Shea Newkirk. Shea is something of a renaissance man, a self-described “designer, coder, musician, gamer, father, blogger, entrepreneur & more.” He teaches both individuals and groups about cryptocurrency, regardless of their baseline knowledge.

Who should check out CryptoStache?

CryptoStache is a great resource that is specifically powerful to those new to cryptocurrency. Shea’s site presents topics that are difficult to understand in a clear and concise manner. We gave his beginner-level cryptocurrency video course a spin and were impressed. We’ve seen videos that are big on hype and low on details. Shea’s video series provides a straightforward, clear explanation of cryptocurrency that anyone can understand.

Beyond the video series CryptoStache also provides plenty of articles that are free and cover topics ranging from the basics of Bitcoin to what an ICO is. If you’re looking for an informative, straight-forward take on cryptocurrency-related topics you should definitely give CryptoStache a look.