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The chip shortage and interest in GPUs for mining has left few GPUs available. But, at the time of writing this, we were surprised that we were able to find a few GPUs, including Nvidia RTX models. AMD RX GPUs were easier to come by.

If you’re looking to build a GPU Mining Rig the cost basis hasn’t gotten any better recently. Regardless of the brand of GPU we’ve tracked down, prices are still hovering at near all-time highs.

Nvidia GPUs Available – May 2021

Nvidia Mining GPU - 1660 SuperOver at Amazon, we did see a few Nvidia RTX GPUs that were new (not renewed). There were not 30xx series Nvidia cards to be found, but see some RTX 2060s but they were only a few left.

We also saw a few GTX cards at Amazon, but the only ones worth considering at last glance were Nvidia 1660 Supers. And, as with the RTX cards, there were less than a dozen left this morning.

Several Nvidia RTX Cards In Stock (3060, 3070, 3080, 3090)

In the past few weeks we’ve picked up an Nvidia RTX 3080 and an RTX 3090 from Monoprice. The are charging the types of premiums everyone else is, but they do have several cards in stock as of this morning. When purchasing, make sure you know the score with the cards that are currently available.

Beyond the hashrate limited 3060s, Nvidia announced that they will be carrying the hashrate limiter across all of the 30xx series cards with the exception of the 3090. Note that these cards will have an LHR designation (short for Lite Hash Rate” to indicate that they have a lower hashrate. From what we see on Monoprice today, none of the cards carry this designation.

When we purchased they made us aware of slower-than-normal shipping, but we got our cards in less than a week. Monoprice is definitely worth checking.

AMD GPUs Available – May 2021

AMD Radeon 6000 Series GPUsWe’ve come across AMD RX cards at both Amazon and Monoprice. Amazon has mainly 6700 and 6900 series cards, but there were also a few 5xxx series cards available.

It will be interesting to see if miners switch to AMD RX cards for their mining rigs or if solutions for overcoming the lite hashrate on Nvidia cards will overcome their limitations. Regardless, for the time being it’s not difficult to get your hands on a newer AMD RX card or cards.

Monoprice also has newer cards in stock, but surprised us with some 8GB RX580 cards, too.





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