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This article is out of date. Learn how to  dual mine ETH and ZIL (and other cryptocurrencies) in our list of 2021 mining software – plus what other cryptocurrencies mining, and what other coins the miners we are using can mine!

Cryptocurrency miners are well familiar with the mining pool Nanopool and their popular mining pools for Electroneum, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, SiaCoin, Monero, Pascal and ZCash. Not as readily known is Finom, their parent blockchain holding company. Yesterday Finom announced the first iteration of their GPU mining software, FinMiner. The new software is described as “a next gen miner that is easy to set up, ensures stable work and makes graphics card monitoring a breeze.”

What makes FinMiner different?

One key aspect of FinMiner is that it’s long term goal is to be a one stop shop. While most mining programs focus on one algorithm, FinMiner can currently mine three algorithms, CryptoNight, CryptoNightV7 and Ethash. That combination of algorithms makes their miner an option for around 25 reasonably well known cryptos.

Initial release specifications (2.0.4)

Mining Software FinMiner
Version 2.0.4
Public Release May 21, 2018
Download GitHub
Algorithms CryptoNight, CryptoNightV7 and Ethash
Developer Fee 1%
Platforms Windows
GPU Compatibility Nvidia

Current capabilities

A quick glance of the current specifications make it clear that FinMiner isn’t for everyone – at least yet. Beyond the constraint of the miner’s three supported algorithms, it will also only work for miner’s using Windows and Nvidia GPU only. Those limitations are only temporary, however.

Mining Ethereum with FinMiner

Mining Ethereum with FinMiner on Nanopool looks like mining with Claymore.

The official release announcement stated that the “…miner was developed for Windows. It currently supports Nvidia graphics cards, and in the near future will work with AMD as well. The program underwent thorough alpha-testing on Finom AG’s mining farm, followed by beta-testing with Nanopool’s users. During testing the miner demonstrated its high stability and performance, on par with the competition and sometimes higher. Its developers also tested FinMiner for AMD graphics cards and its adaptability to the Linux family.’

Does FinMiner work with other pools, or just Nanopool?

One of our first questions was whether the miner was locked-in to Nanopool. Happily, that isn’t the case. FinMiner can work with any pool with a cryptocurrency algorithm it supports.

Mining with FinMiner

We download FinMiner and had it up and running in less than 5 minutes, pointing it at Nanopool’s Ethereum mining pool. We will be comparing it to Claymore’s Dual Miner (in single mining mode) on one of our 6 GPU mining rigs to see if there is a measurable increase in efficiency. If you’d like to do your own trials it can be downloaded for free from GitHub.

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