6 GPU Motherboards

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6 GPU Motherboards · 8 GPU Motherboards

Mining rig builders often seek out the 6 GPU motherboards. And, while some have moved up to motherboards that support more than 6 GPUs, others still prefer the 6-card setup as a starting point. Below is our list of cryptocurrency mining rig 6 GPU motherboard models. The list is combines our own experience with a heavy dose of manufacturer provided data. Manufacturers include ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI. If you’re looking to start with 6 GPUs and then move up to 7 or 8 GPUs, check out our 8 GPU motherboard list – there’s over a dozen options available.

6 GPU Motherboard Models

Motherboard PCI-e M.2 Max GPUs Price Buy
Gigabyte H110-D3A 6 1 7 $178.68 Check
Gigabyte Z170X Ultra Gaming 6 1 7 $926.86 Check
MSI Z170A PC Mate 6 1 7 $298.68 Check
MSI H170A PC Mate 6 1 7 Price not available Check

There aren’t many motherboards that peak at 6 GPUs. There are, however, plenty of motherboards capable of supporting more than 6 GPUs. Check out our list of 8 GPU motherboard models list.

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