8 GPU Motherboards

6 GPU Motherboards · 8 GPU Motherboards

We’ve compiled a list of cryptocurrency mining rig 8 GPU motherboards to make hardware selection for builders easier. The list is a combination of manufacturer confirmations as well as from our own mining rig build experiences. GPU mining motherboard manufacturers include ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI.

8 GPU Motherboard Models

Do note that in many cases one or more M.2 to PCI-e adapters are required to reach the 8 GPU capacity.

GigabyteZ170X Gaming 362Check
GigabyteZ170X Gaming 572Check
GigabyteZ170X Gaming 672Check
GigabyteZ170X UD362Check
GigabyteZ270X Gaming K562Check
MSIZ170A Gaming Pro Carbon71Check
MSIZ270 Gaming Pro Carbon62Check
MSIZ270 Gaming M562Check
MSIZ270 Gaming M6 AC62Check
MSIZ270 Krait Gaming62Check

Some of the motherboards above can support 9 GPUs and all obviously support less than 8 GPUs.

* The motherboard we use most often is the ASUS Z270-A. Although it should support 9 video cards we have only run it with a total of 8 GPUs. We’re also assuming that the Z270-A will slowly phase out as the Z370-A, also a 7+2 motherboard, replaces it completely.

M.2 to PCI-e Adapters

Getting to 8 GPUs or more requires at least one M.2 to PCI-e adapter. These adapters are transform a M.2 SSD slot into an additional PCI-e slot. We have purchased and used the following M.2 adapters:

An 8 GPU Motherboard Means ‘up to 8 GPUs’

If you’re not going to be running 8 GPUs when you do your initial build, you should still consider if an 8 GPU motherboard might be the right fit. Just because it supports 8 GPUs doesn’t mean your system must have 8 video cards. All of these motherboards can run with up to 8 GPUs.

The most common customer build we do is a 6 GPU mining rig. For those mining rigs, we still go with an 8 GPU motherboard. The cost difference is negligible and it allows for future expansion.