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If you’re mining with a single GPU mining rig, a set of miners or one or more ASICs and NiceHash was you’re sole mining software solution, you’re likely feeling a bit frustrated. NiceHash was hacked earlier this week. Their service has been paused until they can assess the damage done. You can learn about the hack on NiceHash’s reddit forum. Regardless of what happens with NiceHash, you likely want to get back mining again.We’re going to take a quick break from writing up our step-by-step 6 GPU Mining Rig build guide and do what we can to help you get back up and running.

NiceHash miners using GPU miners with Windows 10

There seems to be a large number of new miners who built their setup with Windows 10 and subsequently installed NiceHash for their mining needs. Or, at least it seems like the lion’s share of miners that are needing a new solution have this setup.

Moving on: Mining software to get back up and running

If you’re looking for a solution that is as install-and-go as NiceHash, we have some bad news. There isn’t anything as simple as that for you to turn to. But, on the bright side, you have the hardware you need to mine many algorithms, which means many coins. If you’ve mined with NiceHash, you can learn to mine without it.

There are three mining software options we are going to quickly write step-by-step guides for. We will try to have all three of these completed for you in the next 72 hours. In the mean time, these are three miners we regularly turn to. They are listed below with a brief description. If you’re in a jam and need a solution right this minute, you’ll have to turn to Google for now. We will update this post as each guide is ready.

GPU Mining software we use daily

Mining Software GPUs Example Coins *
Claymore’s Dual Ethereum
AMD+Nvidia GPU Miner
AMD, Nvidia
  • DCR
  • ETH
  • ETC
  • PIRL
  • UBIQ
 EWBF’s CUDA Zcash Miner  Nvidia
  • HUSH
  • ZEC
  • ZEN
ccminer (tpruvot) Nvidia
  • FTC
  • MONA
  • XMR

* These aren’t the only cryptocurrencies you can mine. These are ones we have and do mine with that specific miner. 

Prerequisites for the cryptocurrency mining guides

There are a few things that we’re going to assume in the guides.We’ll tell you what those things are now.

The mining software guides will assume you have…

  1. A Windows 10 mining rig
  2. Installed the current drivers for your video cards
  3. Configured your BIOS and Windows 10 settings for mining and your rig is ready to mine

Please be patient with us and we will update this post with links to our guides as soon as possible. If you can’t wait, Google it and move forward! You will need to install the miner, sign up for a mining pool, get a wallet or deposit address for your mined coins and configure the miner. More soon!

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