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We are eagerly awaiting the release of Nvidia’s CMP mining GPU cards. The CMP in the name stands for Cryptocurrency Mining Processor, and this is the first dedicated line of mining video cards. The new cards that were announced weeks ago should be available to purchase soon. Well, at least some of them should be.

We can’t wait to get a hold of a set of these cards and to build a mining rig and see how they perform.

The goal of Nvidia CMP GPUs: Video Card Availability

Nvidia’s goal with CMP cards is to ease the strain on the supply chain. In late 2020 and up until the date publishing this post, getting ANY video card, Nvidia or AMD, is next to impossible. When inventory does arrive, cards are immediately purchased and many are then resold at double, triple or more than their intended price.

This has made building a gaming computer next to impossible, and Nvidia’s bread-and-butter is consumer gaming. This is where the CMP cards come in. They’re specifically designed as mining cards – they can’t be used as gaming cards, in fact. They don’t even have a video-out.

The hope is that crypto miners will purchase the low-priced CMP video cards. They’ll be used for mining or other machine learning or computational work only, because they simply cannot be used as traditional video cards.

With miners purchasing these dedicated mining GPUs, the inventory of consumer-grade gaming video cards will be left for the gaming and PC building market.

Kneecapping Mining on Nvidia Consumer Gaming Cards

To put an period, or maybe an exclamation point on their plans, Nvidia isn’t hoping the market moves to these new cards, it’s making it a much more attractive proposition. Starting with Nvidia RTX 3060 cards, Nvidia will be using a combination of techniques to throttle mining performance by 50%.

Nvidia hasn’t stated if this trend will also be employed with the rest of the RTX 20xx and 30xx video cards, but we think it’s all but a foregone conclusion.

With cryptocurrency prices at all time highs, and GPU mining having more interest now than ever, miner will quickly scoop up all the CMP cards. And then, even ignoring unruly secondary market pricing, they’ll start buying up the consumer grade cards. That is, unless Nvidia also puts a cap on their mining performance, too.

Nvidia has stated that they won’t be doing anything to limit the mining performance of already purchased Nvidia RTX video cards.

We’ll be keeping our Mining GPU Price and Availability page up-to-date. We’ve already removed RTX 3060 cards so no one ends up purchasing one of the newer, and nerfed cards.

How CMP cards are Different

According to Nvidia, the CMP line is specifically designed for “professional mining operations” and optimized for mining performance. There’s no power being wasted on anything but mining. And, they’ve also been designed to be

CMP Mining Card Models

Nvidia announced four mining card models in the CMP lineup: 30X, 40X, 50X and 90X. As the model number grows, so does the hashing capability with the CMP 30X card offering 26 MH/s at 125 W and at the other end of the spectrum, the 90X promising 86 MH/s at 320W. The 30X card has 6 GB of RAM, the 40X has 8 GB and both the 50X and 90X have 10GB of RAM.

CMP 30X Specifications

  • Architecture: Turing TU116
  • GPU: TU116-100
  • Board: PG161 SKU 90
  • Hash Rate (stock): 26 MH/s (Ethereum)
  • Power Draw: 125 Watts
  • Overclocked Hash Rate (est.): 30 MH/s @ 90 Watts(Ethereum)
  • Power Connector: Single 8-pin PSU Cable
  • Video RAM: 6 GB
  • Price: TBD
  • Availability: March 2021

CMP 40X Specifications

  • Architecture: Turing TU106
  • GPU: TU106-100
  • Board: PG161 SKU 100
  • Hash Rate: 36 MH/s (Ethereum)
  • Power Draw: 185 Watts
  • Overclocked Hash Rate (est.): 42 MH/s @ 125 Watts(Ethereum)
  • Power Connector: Single 8-pin PSU Cable
  • Video RAM: 8 GB
  • Price: TBD
  • Availability: March 2021

CMP 50X Specifications

  • Architecture: Turing TU102
  • GPU: TU102-100
  • Board: PG150 SKU 100
  • Hash Rate: 45 MH/s (Ethereum)
  • Power Draw: 250 Watts
  • Overclocked Hash Rate (est.): 52 MH/s @ 175 Watts(Ethereum)
  • Power Connectors: 2x 8-pin PSU Cable
  • Video RAM: 10 GB
  • Price: TBD
  • Availability: Q2 2021

CMP 90X Specifications

  • Architecture: Ampere GA102
  • GPU: GA102-100
  • Board: PG132 SKU 100
  • Hash Rate: 86 MH/s (Ethereum)
  • Power Draw: 320 Watt
  • Overclocked Hash Rate (est.): 98 MH/s @ 240 Watts(Ethereum)
  • Power Connector: 2x 8-pin PSU Cable
  • Video RAM: 10 GB
  • Price: TBD
  • Availability: May 2021

Nvidia CMP GPU Release Dates

Release dates for the new Nvidia CMP Mining GPUs haven’t been released yet, but what we do know is that the two lower end cards, the 30X and the 40X are shipping in the first quarter 2021. At the time of writing this, we’re in March, the last month of the first quarter, so it’s safe to say they’ll releases in March.

Both the 50X and 90X follow in the second quarter, and while a month hasn’t been revealed for the 50X, curiously the 90X has a release month and is to become available in May of 2021.



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